Representing the beauty industry for over 30 years, Bonnie Bonadeo founder of the The Beauty Agent network is the go-to expert to connect you with all facets of the beauty industry. With PR mentions in Cosmopolitan, Oprah’s O Magazine, and The New York Times.  The Beauty Agent Network provides a Education & Marketing platform to expand your reach, grow your business and build your personal brand.

Founder Bonnie Bonadeo

Founder Bonnie Bonadeo

Why we exist?  

I started The Beauty Agents and now The Beauty Agent Network, because I was a struggling stylist trying to keep up to date with new services and techniques, I didn’t know where to find the right education I needed to be confident and successful. So I  quit doing hair because I lacked the skill and the knowhow to succeed, but I never left the industry, still searching for ways to help other professionals like me be better at their craft. I finally found a way to support the growing beauty professional and  since then I have since  helped thousands of artist and  speakers uncover their expertise, develop their brand and rediscover their passion for this industry, not to mention connecting them with buying customers. It’s all about Connecting YOU to the Power of Beauty.

Your Resource to discover and connect you to the power of Education and Educators around the world.


It only happens 3 times a year...  The Launch of BRAND ME!   Your Online D.I.Y. with a little support... Personal Branding Course.  February 18, 2019
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$197.00 Pay in Full or 3 Payments of $75.00 

Our Network

The Beauty Agent Network has successfully empowered and connected hundreds of beauty professionals including Charlie Price, Sharon Blain, Ted Gibson, Beth Minardi Tracey Hughes, Elaine Travis, Lois Kinsey and so many more to build a strong personal brand and provide exceptional education to the industry.

I have been with The Beauty Agents since the beginning, every educator that wants to grow their education business needs to be a part of this network!

Charlie Price

Yes, you can be that Speaker or Educator 

Develop your brand, connect with a network and become that sought after speaker or educator in beauty designed and built by professional beauty speakers and educators.  


Tracy Hughes | Hair Stylist

Tracy Hughes | Hair Stylist


The Beauty Agents can help you create an exclusive, one of a kind event.  Plus connect you with all things beauty. If you are looking to create an event or just attend one, visit our events page.


As a Global Educator, it is great to have a reputable network that can help me build my business, Bonnie Bonadeo knows the business of education, is professional and connected.

Sharon Blain

Allen Edwards | Hair Stylist

Allen Edwards | Hair Stylist


The Beauty Agents are experts in providing resources and talent in retail and professional beauty, keynote speakers, educators and coaches, in retail, salon, spa, wellness and all business arenas. Including top talent in hair, barbering, makeup, shows, production, talent, spa, wellness, photography and trade show support.  


Babak Photography

Babak Photography

Connect Me Membership Showcase Me Membership Brand Me & Connect Me Membership  $297.00 / yr. $597.00 / yr. $997.00 complete package

Connect Me Membership Showcase Me Membership Brand Me & Connect Me Membership

$297.00 / yr. $597.00 / yr. $997.00 complete package


Join our Network! Our featured membership packages will help you build brand awareness, drive sales and increase revenue on a consistent basis.  Be a part of our exclusive network of beauty industry professionals and connect to your next opportunities.

Connect Me Membership   

$297.00 per year or $29.00 per month

If you’re not looking for a full featured option, but still want the exposure on our website, our Connect Me Profiles are the perfect solution. As a member, you will be able to promote your personal page and include company details such as contact information, website, social media links, bio, education and more! 

·      Free eBook on How to Get Booked!

·      Free Ticket to the Ultimate Speaker Course $997.00 Value



Showcase Me Membership

$597.00 or $54.00 per month

In addition to our Connect Me Membership we have additional services that our Beauty Agent professionals are eligible for, including: Featured member profile and media based profile and one article in The Beauty Agent Blog, One exclusive eBlast to The Beauty Agent Network plus 1 story posted on social media during the each month to our premium audience and loyal followers.


·      Free eBook on How to Get Booked!

·      Free Ticket to Ultimate Speaker Course $997.00 Value

·      Featured Guest spot on BEaUty Inside and Out Radio to share your Beauty Expertise.  

·      Discounted ticket to STAGES Hands On Public Speaking Training $1597.00 Value only $699.00

·      FB Mastermind Brand Group




Brand Me + Plus Connect Me Membership

$997.00 or 3 payments of $350.00

Do you need support to building your brand message as an educator or speaker? The Brand Me Membership is a 4-part eCourse program that supports you to build your Personal Brand, Product Brand and Company Brand, plus once it is complete you can enjoy all the benefits of the Connect Me Membership.

4-Part Master eCourse on how to build your brand as an educator

Being an expert in a few or many specific areas of an industry certainly provides you the opportunities to become a mentor, teacher or training on those subjects. Being an expert in a topic, technical skill set and hands on approach is only one part of being a successful educator and have a growing education business. The Brand Me 4- Part Master Series is an interactive program designed to enhance your skills and brand yourself as an expert speaker, educator and trainer.  Your will learn:

  • How to promote yourself as “who you are” not just “what you do”

  • Understand what kind of speaker educator you and the support to help you to teach every kind of learner.

  • Steps to build your overall brand as an educator and develop your brand message

  • How to narrow down your true potential buyer and target your brand and brand message exclusively to them

  • Building your content

  • Growing your speaking and education business…and much more!

Bonuses on top of Bonuses:

  • Connect Me Bonuses


  • One Free Coaching Session with Speaking Coach, Bonnie Bonadeo

  • FaceBook Mastermind Brand Group



Not sure how to get started or maybe you still need more support? 

Find out more on The KEYNOTE COACHING PROGRAM       

This 6- Month Keynote Coaching Program will support the development of your brand from story to full programs, bios, titles and class descriptions and signature talks. How to distinguish yourself from others and build you education business.

  • Be speaker ready and have your brand stand out

  • Develop your personal and business brand that sells

  • Understand how your brand creates connection to others
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Bonnie Bonadeo, Founder

Bonnie Bonadeo Speaker | Coach | Radio Host is an International Best Selling author of “Success in Beauty”, the secret to effortless fulfillment and happiness andRadio Host for BEaUty Inside and Out Show, Connecting Beauty to Inform, Educate and Inspire consumers on all facets of BEaUty.  Bonnie’s experience in the beauty industry started as a stylist, to managing salons, and working for some of the most notable manufacturers and distributors.   Bonnie has directed the industry’s most celebrated events such as NAHA, Beacon, Symposium, ISSE and Beauty Changes Lives.  As a 2013 Enterprising Women gracing the cover of Salon Today and received the Cover of Salon Today in 2016 for Top Coaching and Consulting as co-founder in her partnered business Naked Audience Productions.  Bonnie an Emotional Intelligent Speaker and Facilitator understands the business side of this artistic industry and speaks on her struggles and successes as a leader, trainer and entrepreneur while Speaking, training, coaching and mentoring others in developing their skills of expertise and teaching the importance of having strong personal brand. She volunteers her time to Look Good Feel Better and Student Mentor Programs.  Bonnie is recognized as the go-to expert and connector in the beauty industry.

Christian James, Managing Partner 

Christian James with 24+ years in the industry, Christian believes the key to success is education. The one constant joy in his life has been hairdressing. It never fails him, it centers him and makes him feel whole. This veteran platform stylist/artist finds inspiration in all aspect of his life, art, architecture, fashion, paint samples and nature. The passion he feels for the beauty and salon industry has led him down many gratifying and exciting paths including awards, acknowledgments and a 2015 NAHA Nomination plus Christian is the Creator and Founder of Arizona Salon Professionals a community connected for education and inspiration.  “I know The Beauty Agents Network is going to bring more education, more professionalism and more opportunities to better our industry for everyone.”