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The Beauty Agent Network is Relaunched!




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The Beauty Agent Network- Connecting You to the Power of Beauty

Connecting Educators To Buyers & Talent Support!

Phoenix, AZ   The Beauty Agent Network is a dynamic speaker’s bureau representing recognized and rising new talent within the professional beauty industry. Bonnie Bonadeo Notes, “I still believe that professional salon education should be the #1 selling product in our industry and most people don’t know how to succeed in the education business.  This is why I have relaunched and expanded the original Beauty Agents’ services. 

The Beauty Agent Network is now able to service every level of talent and logistical support for any salon industry event.  Manufacturers, distributors, convention and advanced special event educational resources now have an expanded new national talent pool available to them. As salon industry educators and speakers, this gives you the opportunity to have a professional agent coach, train, manage and promote you for your desired career growth. This new interactive website takes Bonadeo out as the middle man. It allows the prospective show manager and service provider buyers to go straight to the talent like a Match dating site for the industry talent.   If you like the available educational resources, you can directly connect with each of them.  

Beauty Agent Network Educators & Talent:  The original Beauty Agents will re-launch with a handful of industry favorite and to join the new program the first year it's only $297 for the Connect Me Membership and $597 for the annual Showcase Me Membership. The price difference is added value placement and added promotions. There will always be room for new educational talent. Bonadeo’s new role is to actively promote the website to help talent organizers and buyers of these services while continuing her efforts to train educators and speakers on how to best brand themselves, connect with an audience and grow their business of education.  Other support includes talent development, brand coaching, copywriting, marketing support, PR Services, public speaking and presentations courses and more through Bonadeos’ offered services as well as her partnered company Naked Audience Productions. Visit the new website to learn more, register your profile and to peruse the available talent.

Bonnie Bonadeo shares, “Nothing is more exciting than seeing a strong resurgence of exciting education for our industry. The Beauty Agents was originally launched out of a need for good talent. The Beauty Agents quickly became the resource for buyers and educators to connect. Today, with the amazing online technology and social media status, Bonadeo’s role to support the business has changed.   The Beauty Agent Network will now be an agentless resource that talent, speakers, and artists will have direct access to buyers and buyers direct access to any and all educators in our industry that choose to be on a single site designed to connect us all to the Power of Education and Beauty. If you want to book an artist, you will have direct access to the talent through contact emails from the site.”

Bonadeo adds, “Education is a major success formula in our salon industry. Talented professionals have a lot to offer others, yet just need the exposure to share their talents. Being an educator is an important role in our industry. Being valued, professional and business savvy is critical for education to be a viable resource for all of us to grow. Let The Beauty Agent Network be that support system and resource for you. Let us help connect you to the Power of Education!”

Bonnie Bonadeo: Bonadeo is a successful speaker, coach, and radio host as well as an international best-selling author and entrepreneur, representing The Beauty Agent Network. As an agent, speaker, trainer, coach, and author, Bonadeo notes, “My vision is to ‘Connect You to You’ through your development as a successful speaker, leader, platform artist, sales person, and coach.  It is my privilege and opportunity to inspire, educate and train our professional beauty care industry talent  to an exciting new level.”

Connecting Talented People To The Power Of Education! For more information and a free introductory consultation, contact Bonnie Bonadeo of The Beauty Agent Network at 877-319-2403 or email: Visit:,  Twitter-@thebeautyagents, Instagram @thebeautyagentnetwork

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